Euro-vision debate

It may be Spring but it is not time yet for that festival of kitsch, the Eurovision song contest. Rather, last night’s theatre of telly treated us to two very divergent views on Europe – from one extreme, to the other.

Yes, the EU is bogged down in copious bureaucracy and centralised controls, but an isolationist stance may not be the way to go. Given the UK’s close proximity to Europe, it makes sense to stay in the club and work within to make the changes needed. It’s better to have a say than none at all, and if the EU were to crumble the UK would feel the full force of any demise. Furthermore, when put under honest scrutiny, a brave new post-recession world has not sprung up yet anywhere on the globe – we’re all still struggling out of the collective mess we made.

However, raising all the issues about EU membership is healthy and an honest open debate is possibly the way forward. Who’s to say that a rolling set of debates on the key EU topics that concern the electorate, peopled by actual (and independent) industry experts, isn’t something that could be done – therefore helping to bring balance and push the politicians to make the right pragmatic decisions.

But to end on a lighter note, what was the verdict on the debating styles – power ballad or rock anthem?

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